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Our team visited Shoreditch House to attend Creative Obsessions a collaborative event with Seemo and Creative Debuts presenting a panel of Artists who are currently on their creative journeys.

Cartel Del, Andrew Salgado and Ashton Attzs revealed their design techniques, how they found their niche, what creative platforms benefit their growth as artists and what inspires them to be who they are today.

An artist we have been recently following and super inspired by through their recent curation with Creative Debuts is Ashton Attzs.

Attzs identifies as a non- binary artist, representing someone who is a queer person of colour and makes art which is all about that and celebrates unrepresented people

Her work has been described “as an ode to our everyday swimmers, who glide against the waves of social injustice, stay afloat in life’s deep ends and must dive from the highest of boards in order to thrive”.

Attz described this painting “animated androgynous swimmers in the painting are a tribute to transgender individuals, who absolutely personify the meaning of progress. Being a transgender person is courage, strength and beauty”.