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Updated: Jul 23, 2019

An epic end to an amazing week with the group of young people we took to Morocco on a photography retreat: LBG x Larache 2018. Shukran bzaf to all our supporters for making this the most memorable project all year:

Fondation Hassan II, the Moroccan consulate in London, Cos Radeel Orphanage in Larache, British embassy in Rabat, Hassan Hajjaj and the Riad Yima team in Marrakech, the Surete Nacional for the extra security during our stay, governor of the province of Larache; Mustapha Ennouhi, all the poets who fundraised for us at mind over matter + poetry prescribed + Long Live x Speakeazy events and of course our very loyal individual donors for showing us continuous love

We explored 5 cities across 7 days

We were welcomed to Rabat by Mohammed Metran; the UK ambassador of public affairs in morocco - watched France win the cup from poolside!

Toured Casablanca; visiting the world’s tallest Mosque ‘Grande Mosque Hassan II’ and the old Jewish quarter ‘Ben Jaber’ entering the historical ‘Beth el Synagogue’ which showed harmonious unity of two important Moroccan cultures

Spent a magical afternoon in the peaceful botanical gardens designed by Yves saint Laurent ’Jardin Majorelle’ in Marrakech and were invited by famous photographer London based/ Larache born Hassan Hajjaj for an inspirational photoshoot day in his amazing Riad Yima. Not to forget meeting Koroccan rapper Komy and sharing a traditional meal + dance with legendary Maroune Ibhja!