Updated: Jul 23, 2019

This week 22 FerArts creatives were invited to YouTube space London by fellow local Ladbroke Grove lad Luke Hyams as part our contribution to the Kensington Narrators art archive project

Luke started his media career as a teenager with yctv which was a local youth project encouraging participation in media and broadcasting... Fast forward 2 decades and here he is as chief executive of emea youtube originals, giving us a very exclusive guided tour of the campus!

We had an introduction to how youtube has evolved tremendously over the years and how we can involve our own creative practice into this.

We learned about audience engagement and the stats that show 1.9bn logged in monthly users with half the viewers under 32

Did you even know youtube is available in 80 different languages covering 95% of the internet population... So basically the most cyber traffic runs through YouTube!

We were lucky enough to experience the interview with YouTube's head of fashion Derek Blasberg and Julian Day; the multi talented costume designer who has made replicas of Elton John's image for the recently released film 'Rocketman'

Julian described in detail how intricately and detailed every piece was made for this film. FerArts were lucky to participate in a Q&A on his creative practice and how he has evolved over the years through being a costume designer and the processes he went through to progress his career to where it is now. From folding trousers as a young graduate to working 12 hr days between jobs to compensate for the free work that got him successfully exposed within the industry!

We also briefly met Dave Mogendorff; head of artist relations for YouTube music... Lets just say we had many questions on the music scene, how to use YouTube strategically when launching new music and securing subscribers from an independent platform

Overall an extremely active day, filled with documenting and blogging our experiences and sharing our own creativity with the very diverse group

Looking forward we hope to work closely with YouTube in future projects to diversify the creative industries, this was a great insight into how youth culture shapes the industry and today’s society on a worldwide economic scale inspiration!