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Updated: Jul 23, 2019

After 6 years, FerArts celebrate our brand-new look + the recent success of the ‘Youth After Grenfell’ project!

With the exhibition being held at the design museum & with more than 270 attending, it was an epic evening of inspiring, networking & art.

Exhibiting photography from the youths who took part in the ‘Youth After Grenfell’ project with support from the legendary photographer Jeurgen Teller – they used cameras as a medium of expressing how the grenfell tragedy has & still affects them in creative forms. Congratulations to you all - Abbey Charles, Amira Ibrahim, Alex Livermore-Marshall, Igor Barcelos, Isabella Spencer, Jason Garcia, Jordan Debruyne, Josh Lloyd-Hall, Kieron Debruyne, Peaky Saku, Rajaa Bouchab, Sara Elkateep, Shareefa Energy, Tanika Yearwood, Zakiya Amlak, Tashmar Smith, Jerome Noel + Amanda Fernandez.

The exhibition also showcased art work by a wide variety of artists from the FerArts collective - Emily Catherine, Kei Maye, Callum Simmons, Dwayne Brimah, Tom Fitch & Louise Bourgeis. Embracing our new uniform, we're taking things to the next level. New projects, more artists & exciting collabs! - the launch night was just a glimpse of the greatness to come! Guests were also given vip bags which included new FerArts branded merchandise + goodies from our sponsor's who continue to support us, massive thank you to - Propercorn, the Arts Room LDN, Cass Art & Ciroc Vodka. Ending with a buzz - the afterparty at Notting Hill Arts Club was a perfect way to wrap the night up, big shout out to Sarah Harrison & DJ Buci for setting the vibes! + thank you to @caseylashley for the photography.