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FerArts are honoured to be supporting the Kensington Narrators by contributing art material created by our young creatives during our summer workshops in podcasting and video making 

The art and heritage archive project led by community members from North Kensington in collaboration with historians at Birkbeck University celebrates the creative history of kensington by inviting its community, visitors and residents to submit art related history they may wish to archive at the Bishopsgate Institute London.


We are excited to be taking a youth led perspective on archiving material for the future based on our actual lives today; film, photography and spoken word that has been influenced by this generation of youth culture and the creative movement in today's society



Black in the Day -

Archiving Social Party

Inviting open submissions to archive youth culture today celebrating all things current and generational from club promo to selfies - cultural appropriation to political campaigns


Studio Microphone

Podcasting Workshop

Engaging audiences with young voices through an amplified audio platform led by industry experts. Send a message to the future + record your own podcast 

AUG 2019


YouTube Podcast Tour

Q&A tour at the worlds biggest streaming hq led by youtube's premiums Emea Chief + Luke Hyams



Our digital media team which provides jobs for 18-24s in graphics, editing and web designing have been commissioned to curate the archive website which will run over 6 workshops offering high skilled training 

Through a range of industry led creative programming workshops we aim to give our young producers the strong technical skills and experience in the following areas

Format validation and conversion methods

Data integrity techniques and technologies

Long term storage planning

Digital asset management systems 

Design tutorials 

Editing in photoshop and final cut pro

Get involved to join our workshops or find out any further information on the project contact Kensington Harrators here

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