Artgoon365 is a Nottingham based creative, illustrator & vector designer. His portfolio includes artwork for various music platform's such as Music Entertainment & Talent (Link Up Tv) & Urban Entertainment (GRM daily). He has also produced works for major music artists such as: Compton rappers (The Game + YG), Coke Boyz' Chinx Drugz, London based B.E.T Hip-hop winning duo Krept & Konan, GiGGS, Blade Brown, Fekky, Stormzy + many more.



Bamboo Kidd is a West London based graphics designer + illustrator, his social media presence has developed an increasing popularity due to his diverse and innovative cartoon-like images. His signature character eyes make each piece unique to his interpretation of current affairs and popular culture from sport and music to daily news and modern history.   



As a serving soldier in The Royal Dragoon Guards, Dave was able to offset his thoughts between patrols by drawing. In 2012 his service terminated and he was diagnosed with PTSD. Dave used his passion for art to help him overcome some demons that followed and painting helped him defeat them. His greatest interest is cartoons. As a self taught artist, he wants his paintings to reflect the images that you would see on TV, but with the added effect of a bit of realism and vibrant colours.



Dwayne is a London based illustrator, graphics designer + creative. He's most recognised for his textured detail style encompassing both his hybrid and gesture drawings; fusing pointillism + scribbling techniques matched with his passion for art, music and street culture.



A Birmingham based digital artist, Dan is fascinated by digital space and how it can be translated in to the physical world. A focus on realism provides a gateway for all viewers, before the opportunities to explore the piece's creation process and spatial relevance becomes apparent.



Nottingham based paint illustrator Emily is interested in representing and depicting working class and minority groups in her work. Her art depicts her passion of iconography in street culture, it’s music and the visual totems of everyday life.



GIGI is a London based photographer + illustrator. Popular for her iconic images of classic Simpson characters set in real city landscapes across London. GIGI also fuses the character style drawing with key figures across the music industry merging both street and youth culture in mixed media.   



 Nicole is a London based graphic designer + illustrator. Specialising in branding & visual communication. Her art focuses on the importance of freedom; music, culture & well-being. Her most earliest influence in art is music.



Creative photographer, animator + cinematographer. Harrison has developed a strong identity as a photographer on the London scene across fashion, music and subcultures, merging static shots off London's streets with elements of design, moving image and digital art.



Haruki is a West London based artist who takes and mixes many inspirations with a Japanese touch. He depicts universal issues and appeals to wide audiences.



West London based Artist J. King has always had an interest in the creative arts, from listening to music, reading comics and watching cartoons, these have had a huge influence on his life and work."I try to make art for the mandem, creating stuff that reflects my experiences showing the things loved, hated, felt and thought growing up until now"



Kei Maye is a digital creator and creative coach from london with over 15 years experience in the creative field. Providing tools and resources to support visual artists & designers in developing their creative careers.



Incorporating her mental health activism with her art, Kirsty creates art that focuses on issues like mental health problems, identity and body positivity. Her bright and eye-catching digital paintings are created on her iPad where she uses her finger as a stylus, she is inspired by both the beauty and pain of the world.



Koby Martin is a proud export of Ghana. His talent and God-given gift was nurtured in his motherland and polished in the United Kingdom.These worlds merge together in Koby’s art where his African descent and background can be seen as a consistent influence. His theme of works spans over a variety of subjects in which he often uses bright colors. This style reflects his spontaneous personality as well as his ability to work in both traditional and digital mediums.



Mamamanvz conceptualises her journey of identity, self-discovery & upbringing through her works as a visual artist, often employing bold colours and working in a wide range of mixed media. 



Neboe is best known for his typographic murals. With a background in graffiti and a degree in graphic design, he has merged the two practices and continues to explore typography using spray paint. Sign painting is also a large source of inspiration in Neboe’s work.



Taking influence from social, cultural and political topics, Ruby has no boundaries producing drawings and poems that express real life emotions.



Resistant explores self-identity, gender & his personal journey growing up on an Tower Hamlets council estate.

Capturing British Bangladeshi youth culture especially from a male perspective through illustration + photography/ film.



Hackney based photographer Sam has developed a portfolio archiving the real East London culture, an asset to his community during an era of gentrification. Sam is capturing raw emotion in candid moments in an effort to reflect how he sees the world around him.



Tom Fitch new series of work based around his love of wildlife. Majority of the works are based on endangered species. Fitch uses his skills and platform to raise awareness of each animal. Each painting from the series includes a more abstract and expressive style. Fitch uses bright and bold colours along with dripping of paint to signify the decline in population of the endangered animals, as if they were melting away. 



Willkay is an artist, graphic designer + art director with a bright outlook on multiple subject matters, which has made him popular with the new generation of art buyers. Having worked with a number of leading brands such as Microsoft, BBC, Adidas, and Converse, he combines a number of mediums including photography, illustration, and graphic design. His natural flair for creativity is illustrated in several of his pieces, which comprises of contemporary modern-day art reflecting his life, environment and character.