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Exclusive use of some of london’s most popular photoshoot locations

Discounted large-format printing service


Networking and workspace  

Sponsored travel opportunities

A.I.R is an artistic development project aimed at supporting young and emerging creatives who face challenges in establishing their work in today's contemporary art scene. A.I.R tackles the common challenge that many young people face when starting a creative career without direction, it aims to guide and connect the artist with the resources and experiences by exploring personal + new environments to diversify today's art scene influenced by youth culture and artivism from around the world



Inhouse graphics design tutorials to design bespoke branding, media and press campaigns


Unlimited use of our av and digital range of resources including editing software, macbooks + photography kit

Vision board sessions to develop concepts

Upskilling digital media tutorials

Making funding bids and proposals

Writing for the international art scene

Creative branding and self promotion

World class industry led Q&A sessions




Intense curatorial support for artists seeking to develop their work through an art exchange of international research and collaboration

1-1 mentorship in developing practice, engaging with audiences and social media for artists

Portfolio advice to develop a body of work to exhibit at various world class institutes and galleries

Art financing - with a breakdown of budgeting, understanding art dealerships and appraisals 

Travel to new locations bridging communities from washington heights, new york, hongdae seoul, balsall birmingham to accra ghana, vallecas madrid and mitte berlin -  a firsthand experience being immersed in new spaces, viewing exhibitions and public art hosted by international artists, curators + innovators 

We are always looking for new and inspiring locations to visit collaborate with on this cross exchange of culture + art

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